Brand Safety

At Dailymotion, protecting users, brands, and content owners is our utmost priority.

Ensuring a brand safe environment

No ads on user-generated content

Dailymotion is an open video platform; however, UGC is not monetized. Partner applications must be approved by our Content   Policy team.

Automated copyright material detection

Every new video is compared to INA Signature and Audible Magic fingerprint databases.

Spam and explicit content detection

Our internal automated filters analyze video content and metadata, and detect spam and explicit content based on blacklisted keywords and image attributes.Additionally, a dedicated form is available to users for the flagging of inappropriate content.

Partnership with IAS

We are integrated with IAS automated system which identifies non-brand-safe environments by scoring the URLs.

Support team

We have a dedicated support team that addresses any user reports.

Fighting invalid traffic

Internal algorithm

Our advanced internal algorithm does a 24/7 real-time screening of our platform, and effectively detects and blocks non-human traffic.

Native integration with our video player

WhiteOps and IAS are natively integrated with our proprietary video player and accurately identify fraudulent impressions.

Global Head of Brand Safety

Dailymotion has implemented enhanced processes and technologies with market leaders to ensure brand protection within all Dailymotion environments. Initiatives and partnerships are led by our Global Head of Brand Safety, Grégory Jamet.

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