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Dailymotion Advertising and Amazon DSP forge a Strategic Video Partnership

Dailymotion Advertising, a video marketing platform and a major player in the AdTech market, announces today its integration with Amazon’s DSP. This integration will allow advertisers to target their precise and exclusive audiences available on Amazon’s DSP through Dailymotion Advertising’s 100% instream video inventories. Leveraging the power of Dailymotion Advertising’s network and audiences, advertisers will be able to reach their video audiences, reaching 9 out of 10 internet users in France and over 400 million monthly unique users worldwide.


A Win-Win Partnership for Advertisers

This partnership offers advertisers the opportunity to combine the intrinsic strengths of Amazon Ads and Dailymotion Advertising ecosystems, providing them with more opportunities to engage their audiences through video for both branding and performance purposes.

On one hand, Amazon DSP allows advertisers to communicate with their customers and prospects on and off Its tools’ strength lies in providing qualified and exclusive data derived from users’ navigation on Amazon’s e-commerce site, including contextual and intent-based data from user searches.

On the other hand, the Dailymotion Advertising ecosystem, with its Dailymotion player, will be an additional distribution option provided by Amazon’s DSP to advertisers. They can deliver their advertising content to qualified audiences on premium and contextualized video content. Dailymotion Advertising offers advertisers the possibility to create an ideal environment aligned with campaign objectives through precise targeting of the video content the viewer is about to watch, using automatic image recognition.


A Collaborative Vision, the complementary…

Today, the online advertising industry relies on the complementarity of its players. Investments in AdTech are diverse, taking different paths. In this case, Dailymotion Advertising’s contextual targeting technology, developed with the help of first-party data, can be integrated into Amazon’s Instream video offerings, notably with sports, one of Dailymotion Advertising’s most developed verticals, and an important one for Amazon (TV rights to Roland Garros and Ligue 1 soccer).


Enhancing Market Impact Measurement

Transparency in measuring advertising campaign impact is a significant challenge in the online advertising market. Advertisers seek to understand the direct impact of their campaigns on sales. To address this effectively, Amazon Ads offers various studies through its platform to provide visibility into campaign results:

  • Which audience was reached (in terms of quality and volume), and what impact did the campaign have on brand awareness
  • What is the campaign’s ROI in terms of generated sales, both direct and indirect, using a multi-touch attribution model on Amazon and the advertiser’s e-commerce site?

“Today, we aim to bring synergies”, says Damien Alzonne, Head of Partnerships at Dailymotion Advertising. “As the market calls for transparency and cooperation, we are delighted with this integration with Amazon DSP. With Dailymotion Advertising’s expertise in contextual targeting and the reach of the Dailymotion player, alongside Amazon DSP’s exclusive targeting offerings, we continue to strive to offer advertisers even more choices to communicate with the best audiences.”



About Dailymotion Advertising

Dailymotion Advertising is the video marketing platform of Dailymotion, France’s leading video audience, with an ecosystem of over 2,500 professional content publishers utilizing the Dailymotion player (Le Monde, Bein Sports, Marie-Claire, etc.). Dailymotion Advertising provides a high-quality and safe environment for brands wishing to conduct effective and transparent video advertising campaigns. DMAds stands out with its integrated creative studio and insights department.

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