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Asus boosts website traffic with a performing CPC campaign.

  • Market Europe
  • Industry High Tech

Context of the campaign

Asus, a leading brand in the high-tech industry, aimed to highlight the various modes of its Zenbook Duo through a CPC (Cost Per Click) campaign. The objective was to boost traffic to the Asus website by showcasing the product’s unique features through animated formats.

Innovative Activation Strategy  

Asus targeted a tech-savvy audience, including urban professionals, multitaskers, and early tech adopters. The campaign was distributed across Dailymotion publisher partners’ environments and utilized various display ad formats on both desktop and mobile:

  • Desktop and mobile banners (300×250)
  • Desktop banner (728×90)
  • Mobile banner (320×50)

Memorable Display Experience:

The animated ads were designed to captivate the target audience’s attention and drive clicks to the Asus website. The creative showcased the versatility and innovation of the Zenbook Duo, emphasizing its dual-screen capability and advanced technology.


Click Through Rate

Significant Achievements:

The Asus campaign achieved a CTR of 0.50%, demonstrating the effectiveness of the animated formats in capturing the audience’s interest and driving traffic to the website. The strategic use of targeted display ads in partner environments ensured that the campaign reached the right audience segments, resulting in significant engagement and interaction.

This successful campaign highlights Dailymotion’s commitment to innovative digital marketing strategies and its ability to effectively leverage display advertising to achieve brands’ traffic goals.

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