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Danone enhances brand awareness and consideration thanks to the Attention Program

  • Market Europe
  • Industry FMCG

Context of the campaign

Danone, a global leader in the FMCG sector, aimed to boost brand awareness and consideration across Europe, particularly in France. The campaign focused on promoting the nutritional benefits of Danone products, targeting sports enthusiasts, families, and those interested in the Olympics.

Engaging and Informative Experience

Danone chose the Dailymotion Attention Program for its campaign. Leveraging eye tracking and XPLN attention measurement, Danone optimized both the creative and distribution of the campaign. This strategy included shopper data, the Attention Marketplace, contextual targeting, and an animated carousel. This multifaceted approach effectively engaged the target audience and improved attention, brand perception, and purchase intent.

Leveraging the Attention Program for Success

The Danone campaign’s success was underpinned by the strategic utilization of the Attention Program. By harnessing the insights provided by the Attention Program, Danone was able to meticulously prepare and refine its campaign strategy. This included optimizing creative elements and distribution channels to maximize audience engagement and brand impact.


Recall Uplift (+12pts vs benchmark)


Intent Uplift (+15pts vs non exposed)




Click Through Rate

A campaign to remember

The Danone campaign achieved significant success, standing out as one of the most memorable campaigns (Top 15%). The strategic use of attention-grabbing formats and precise targeting led to substantial uplifts in key brand metrics, including positive perception, message clarity, and purchase intent. The animated carousel format proved highly effective in capturing and retaining audience attention.

This campaign highlights Dailymotion’s commitment to innovative video marketing strategies and its ability to effectively reach and engage diverse audiences.

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