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Givenchy unveils l’Interdit on Dailymotion in a captivating Takeover.

  • Market Europe
  • Industry Luxury

Context of the campaign

Givenchy, the renowned Parisian fashion and fragrance house, sought to elevate the launch of its captivating L’Interdit fragrance with an evenementialization digital strategy that mirrored the brand’s legacy of audacious innovation and premium elegance.

Unveiling L’Interdit with unconventional activation strategy

To create a truly memorable experience for its discerning clientele, Givenchy embarked on a quest for unconventional activation strategies that would capture the essence of L’Interdit while aligning with the brand’s premium positioning.

Dailymotion Takeover Experience

In collaboration with Dailymotion Advertising, Givenchy leveraged the Takeover format, an exclusive advertising experience that transformed the entire screen into an immersive canvas (on both Desktop and Mobile). This bold approach allowed Givenchy to transport viewers into the captivating world of L’Interdit, creating an unforgettable brand experience.


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A resounding Success

The innovative activation strategies employed by Givenchy and Dailymotion proved to be a resounding success, achieving remarkable results that surpassed expectations. Engagement soared, brand awareness skyrocketed, and the launch of L’Interdit was firmly rooted in the minds of consumers.

The exceptional launch of L’Interdit stands as a testament to Givenchy’s unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and its keen understanding of the power of immersive experiences. It also serves as a resounding endorsement of Dailymotion’s expertise in crafting innovative advertising solutions that deliver exceptional results.

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