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Tena Men boosts brand consideration with an impactful campaign, produced with Dailymotion

  • Market Europe
  • Industry Health

Context of the campaign

Tena Men, a leading brand in the health sector, aimed to break the taboos surrounding male incontinence and promote its protection products to men over 45 years old during the Rugby World Cup. The campaign focused on increasing brand consideration across Europe, specifically in France.

Innovative Activation Strategy

Tena Men employed a multifaceted strategy involving video production, interactive video enrichment, a brand lift study, and audience profiling. This complete approach was designed to engage the target audience effectively and elevate the brand’s image.

Engaging Video Experience

The campaign featured prominently on Dailymotion’s homepage, offering an interactive and humorous video experience. The creative advertisement included clear and visible branding elements, encouraging audience interaction and enhancing brand recall.


Viewability Rate


Brand Image Uplift (vs non-exposed audiences)

Notable Results

The Tena Men campaign successfully stood out to its target audience, especially among men aged 55-64. The humorous and clear messaging resonated well, significantly improving brand image and consideration. The strategic use of interactive and engaging content resulted in high engagement rates and positive audience feedback.

This successful campaign underscores Tena Men’s commitment to innovative video marketing strategies and its ability to effectively address sensitive health issues while engaging its audience.

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